Dog Grooming Services

Here’s what we can do :

When your dog comes to the Groomability salon, you can choose all of these services for a ‘Full Groom’. Or for those short coated dogs such as Labradors, Boxers, Staffordshire Bull Terriers, Pugs, etc, choose our ‘Pampering Session’, which includes everything apart from a styling trim.

Full Skin and Coat Assessment – To identify the ideal type of shampoo and conditioner to use for the best results, we will fully assess your dog’s skin and coat.

Warm Bathing in Appropriate Specialist Shampoo – Your dog will be bathed in our specialist hydrobath and cleaned with a water and shampoo solution. This washes away any dirt, grease and other contaminants.

Conditioner and Blow Dry – If necessary, we will apply salon dog conditioner, which softens, nourishes and conditions your dog’s coat. Once that’s done, your dog will be dried with our specialist warm air blast dryer to leave the coat clean, fresh, smooth and incredibly luxurious.

Hair clipping, Trimming and Styling – Time for a haircut ? We’ll cut, trim, brush and style your dog’s coat until it’s looking exactly how you want it – whether you want to tidy up certain areas or remove excess length from the entire coat.

Nail Trimming and Ear Cleaning – Overly long nails will be trimmed away to leave them looking smart and healthy. The ears will also be cleaned to remove excess ear wax and to trim away any untidy hairs.

Ear plucking – Due to the risk of infection this procedure is recommended to be performed by a qualified vet.

Doggie Cologne – As a finishing touch, we will apply a spray of real unisex dog cologne. The blend of specially selected oils and ingredients will further enrich the hairs, soothe the skin and leave your dog smelling seriously good.

Puppy Groom – We advise that you get your new puppy used to being groomed from a young age, especially if it is a breed which will require regular grooming when it becomes an adult. Grooming can be stressful for a dog if it isn’t used to the sound of clippers and dryers or being brushed and having its nails clipped. A lot of owners wait until their puppy is old enough to have their first full groom but this can be too late, with this in mind Groomability offer a puppy groom, this along with your hard work at home should help make the experience of grooming less stressful and more pleasurable, it will also mean your dog is used to the groomer before they have a full groom.

Expelling Anal Glands – Due to the risk of infection this procedure is recommended to be performed by a qualified vet.


And it all happens 1-2-1 in a relaxed, stress free environment

  • A state of the art ProDog warm water hydrobath
  • A warm air blast dryer
  • Professional salon dog shampoos, conditioners and other pampering products
  • A full set of expert clipping, trimming and styling equipment

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